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Talha Altınel

On   08/20/2018

Great for camping and lots of places to visit nearby such as HasanBoguldu lake,a small town and a small bazaar.Very chilling place and great barbeque food... Daha Fazlası

ömer kiraz

On   02/22/2019

Super... Daha Fazlası

Murat Taskesen

On   08/29/2021

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I recommend everyone a great place to go as a family.💯👍 * Their interest is very good. They help us in every way. Thanks to them, we needed oil, pan and bed. * The fee is charged per person 70 TL (I wish I could stay l... Daha Fazlası

Duygu Özcan Seleoğlu

On   08/30/2021

Such a beautiful oba has been established in the Kaz Mountains by preserving its integrity, you are traveling in a time tunnel. As you enter through the door, you become a hero of the Hababam class. You can enjoy this nostalgic atmosphere both by wak... Daha Fazlası

Onur Mulazim

On   08/30/2021

We stayed for one night, I loved it. I like boutique places like this more. Do not evaluate the business by looking at the reviews of the camp sites, I say to you. There are those who come just to have a chat or to talk because we camped. I think the... Daha Fazlası